Paintings by
Walter von Egidy

My first image of surrealism was revealed to me at an early age in the vision of a bowling ball lying alone in the desert.  Since then, I have sought to create a personal universe through the mediums of Super 8 photoplays and enamel/oil paintings by combining a number of childhood influences:  Memories of the fairy-tale like qualities in golden age horror films, the classic surrealist juxtaposition of unrelated objects, and the exoticism of psychedelia.

°  Graduate of Syracuse University Visual & Performing Arts Film with an Art emphasis program.

°  Exhibitions at Gallery 13;  The Burnham  Library and Housatonic Art League.

°  Private and Public collections including portrait of Composer Franz Waxman at  Byrd Library, Syracuse University.

°  1st Place winner of various film festivals including the United States Super 8 Film Festival at Rutger's University.

°  Owner of Von's Studio.


Portrait Page


A Quiet Evening at Home $1200.00






Farm   SOLD





Happy Family $800.00





Return of the Firebird  SOLD





Safe for the Night  $1500.00





Black And Orange $900.00





Indian Pipes On Carnaby Street SOLD





Chiller $1,500.00






Winter in New England sold





Paula's First Poetry Reading $1,200.00





Rebirth Of The Firebird  $700.00





The Light Of Christ  $900.00





The Upper Grades $475.00






Midnight Snack $1,200.00






Loch Ness Monster with Bongos $900.00





Quick Fried Psychedelic Breakfast $950.00





Why must London come to New England SOLD





Miro's Pond $600.00





Sleepworld $500.00




January thaw sold






The last thing   SOLD





Night in my room $650.00






A study of London in old New England at the end of Autmn SOLD




April in Paris sold




The Mechanic sold




Black Eggs on Venus sold







The End of a Cenntury $800.00






The Love Note $850.00








Dinosaur Barking at the Moon SOLD

Disalussion of the Loch Ness Monster's Projected
Fear and Mystery by Three Pink Ballerinas  SOLD



Saturday Night in the Caverns $1500.00





Tinka's Birthday Party $1,800.00





Green Ear Over London $1200.00






Mariphasa And Moon Slivers $650.00






The Lesson  sold






The Ghost of the Fair  SOLD





Saturday Night In Roxbury $850.00





The Lost Dog  $900.00





Winter A-Go-Go With Dogs   SOLD






Your Birthday on the Moon  $900.00






Miller $800.00






Saturday Night in Madera with the Daughter of Dr. Jeykll $2,500.00





Sidewinder in the desert on Saturday at sunset $900.00





Postcard from Upper Limbo sold






Uncle Bill and the Witchdoctor  $2000.00







The Banning expedition sold




The uninvited $500.00








The sleeping babysitter $1200.00





Midnight snack for Matta $800.00




Family room  $650.00






Isolda's Alley   $1200.00






Dinner for Two $650.00







The Abstract Teenage Frankenstein $1100.0






The Marvelous Exile $850.00




Photography by Marc Isolda
Photography by Cynthia O'Connor
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